QUES is synonymous with subtle and clear tones, with knitwear that is thoughtfully produced and tastefully selected. To us, quality and timeless style are prerequisites for the longevity and inherent beauty of a thing.
        Since both factors are of the utmost importance to us, in 2014 we began manufacturing discreetly elegant, hand-knitted one-offs and limited editions, ignoring the harried tempo of seasonal collections.

All our pieces are produced in Germany, primarily in Berlin. Under the guidance of QUES founder Julia Miske, they are developed in close collaboration with experienced knitters, who leave subtle traces of their skill
in every piece, adding to their charm and singularity.

For our knitwear to become a kind of second skin – a gentle, warming breeze when its cold and a cooling veil in sultry conditions – we work exclusively with high quality, natural yarns like Alpaca, Cashmere, Silk, Merino and Mohair.
       These values help to make our pieces genuinely sensual experiences, which, with the right care, will become long-lasting companions.

The QUES knitwear range currently consists of cardigans, jerseys and shawls for ladies. We are currently planning a range for men.
        Each of our designs can be individually tailored, so repairs and care products are naturally part of our service.